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* CNY (Chinese New Year) is HERE *

CNY is officially HERE for most of our suppliers. We noted this in our last blog post as well as a blog post on January 3rd, 2017 

There a few suppliers such as this one that has New England Patriots Championship replica rings, that are still shipping, likely until only the ~Friday/Saturday (January 27th/28th 2017) time frame. 

Most other orders, if not already shipped, will NOT ship until the second week of February.

All inquiries about items that are NOT shipped before Saturday, January 28th, 2017 should wait until after February 15th.  Our main supplier won't be able to reach the smaller sub-suppliers. 

In particular, the very popular Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers hoodie jacket/coats we sell, will not be shipping until the second week of February. Please hold all inquiries about those items in particular until after February 15th

We apologize for delays of your orders, but once we get past CNY, and past the 2nd week of February, all orders should be shipped again per normal shipping times of our FREE shipping. 


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