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* DNS and Shopping Cart Issues *

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Hello ReShop Store shoppers.  Some of you are likely aware of the big DNS attack on Friday, 10/21/2016. This has affected many sites, and this one too. 

This was a major outage in the United States yesterday that caused a lot of websites to go down, such as Twitter, Spotify and PayPal to name a few.  Here is a link to a TechCrunch article that goes into some more detail.

If you experienced timeouts on your checkout, our apologies.

Please come back and try again. We are sending out cart abandonment e-mails to everyone so you can recover your cart in a timely manner.

If you are still experiencing connection problems, you can try changing your DNS settings (instructions for how to do this on Mac and Windows are here). TechCrunch staff used OpenDNS ( and and OpenNIC servers and seen connectivity improve.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Shopping!

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