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measure returns shipping sizing

Please measure your foot (feet) before ordering.

While you may be a size 7 here in the USA, a size 7 can vary. It can be 24cm or 22.5cm depending upon manufacturer.

This will save you a hassle later as returns are very hard to do unless you can prove they shipped you the incorrect size that you ordered.  Even that can take time to unwind and get you the correct size. Sometimes the manufacturer may not even make the correct size.

Measure twice, order once

Shipping is always FREE.

While FREE Shipping sounds great, remember to please allow ~15-20 days from the day of your order to when your merchandise arrives. We never guarantee a delivery date due to free shipping.

As of March 15th 2017 management decision is:

We no longer will be accepting returns based on "The item didn't arrive by so and so date."  

We will not issue a RMA# for that and customer service has been instructed to deny all RMA requests for that reason. We have made it clear in the past that we do not guarantee a date of delivery. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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