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Why is your button broke?!

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I was showing a few people the store site last night, and this woman found a pair of boots she loved. I was on my phone, and I was showing her how to order her size.  But... What the heck is going on here?!? The button was BROKE!! Or so I thought. I went to another product, and it worked fine. 

Ahhh.. mystery solved! If the supplier is down to ONE size, ONE color left, that's it. You won't get to choose another size or color. Duh moment. 

Lesson here is if you see it, you like it, you want it, you need it, and you love it - you should buy it as soon as possible! We load new product pretty much daily, and almost as fast as we are loading them, items are going out of stock. 

Our suppliers and manufacturers are selling all the popular items. Don't wait too long or your size or color may be going Going GONE!  If you have been eyeballing any of the following products, my honest opinion is that you need to buy now. I would guess your size or color will be gone in a hurry.

The Stretch Faux Suede Slim Thigh High BootsThigh High Over the Knee Boots Flat Bottom Round Toe, and the Stretch Suede Over the Knee Boots Flat are all going really fast. If you wanted a pair, now is the time you should grab a pair of cute over the knee thigh high boots. They are the "in" boot of this Fall, and now Winter season. 

As always - Happy ReShop Store Shopping!

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