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Q: My shoe (shirt, corset, etc..) seems too small? 

A: Please use the sizing chart only if there is NOT one on the product itself.   Sizes can vary between manufacturers as a size 8 may only be a size 6. Please measure if you want to be absolutely sure. My suppliers need the cm measurements to match. Some suppliers seem to intentionally try to get over, and if you measured and have proof of the correct size, we can help. Otherwise returns on wrong size due to not measuring are no longer accepted unfortunately. 

Q: How to I measure my foot for shoe size? 

If it's not listed in the product description, please just use this picture below and send (email or contact form) us those measurements and the product you are interested in. The measurements should be either in cm or mm.

We can contact the supplier/manufacturer to find out the correct size for you. 

How to measure your foot

Q: Why is my tracking number bad?

A: All tracking numbers are transposed from our supplier automatically via our shipping and fulfillment software. What you are likely seeing is a delay in the supplier shipping system to update the USPS system. Check back in a few days after you have your tracking number and your status should show. As with any online store, during holiday time there could be further delay's. 

Q: How do I track my package?

A: You can track it directly here: China Post  or via USPS, if you are in the United States

Q: Can I cancel my order? 

A: Please see our Refund Policy

Q: How quickly will my order arrive?

A: With our current FREE shipping we offer, that can be anywhere from 12-20 days. Sometimes orders will arrive very quickly, have seen orders arrive in ~7 days, and other times such as during a holiday period it might take longer. Remember your merchandise is shipped straight from the supplier (factory direct) to you. 

Q: Can I pay for expedited shipping?

A: Not at this time. Our current supplier to customer system will not support that without being a huge cost burden on you, the customer. Our FREE shipping typically takes anywhere from ~14-20 days, 30 days or longer being extreme bad luck in customs. Usually your merchandise will arrive inside of ~14 days. 

Q: You didn't address my concern!

A: Please simply contact us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer.